Sarah Hromack / Projects / Whitney Museum of American Art

Website Redesigns and Graphic Identity Implementation (2009, 2011, 2013): As the founding director of the Whitney Museum of American Art's Digital Media department, I led the redesign and development of the Museum's website three times, developing the website from a ten year-old HTML property to an ultimate means of elevating the Whitney's current brand identity system, designed and developed by Amsterdam-based graphic designers Experimental Jetset. We also worked with longtime collaborators, New York-based graphic design studio Linked By Air to translate Experimental Jetset's modular 'W' mark into the digital space — no small feat, on the technical front!


Current homepage of, emphasizing Experimental Jetset's modular 'W' mark

screenshot-2023-02-07-at-11.27.46-am in 2010, designed by LinkedbyAir using their proprietary CMS, Economy

Online Collection (2015-present): In 2015, I Ied the redesign, development, and launch of the WMAA's online collection of 22,000 works, a multi-year effort developed in collaboration with the UK-based digital agency Cogapp. I served as the project's chief leadership and management — creative, technical, budget, and project management — uniting the institutional efforts of the WMAA's Digital Media, Graphic Design, Curatorial, Research Resources, and Marketing and Communications departments to inform the redesign and development of the museum's online collection at the behest of Director Adam Weinberg.


I and my team worked collaboratively with Cogapp's UX team to perform extensive ethnographic research surrounding the design and use of the pre-existing collection; this research informed the infrastructure and design of the new collection. The online collection was re-launched in October of 2014 as an effort to provide the public with access to the vast majority of the museum's holdings in advance of the opening of its new building in May of 2015.

Whitney Stories (2011-present): In 2011, I devised and edited Whitney Stories, an online magazine that, in 2013-15, was translated into a series of online videos that endeavored to share the museum's behind-the-scenes narratives. I recruited and hired award-winning filmmaker Matt Wolf to produce a series of short films detailing various individuals from around the Museum, including WMAA Director Adam Weinberg, Chief Curator and Deputy Director for Programs Donna DeSalvo, and architect Renzo Piano.


Sunrise/Sunset (2009-present): Sunrise/Sunset is a series of Internet art projects that mark sunset and sunrise in New York City every day. All are commissioned by the Whitney specifically for, each project unfolding over a time frame of ten to thirty seconds. Using as their habitat, Sunrise/Sunset projects disrupt, replace, or engage with the museum website as an information environment. The series is organized by Christiane Paul, Adjunct Curator of Digital Art, and my team collaborated with Christiane and the artists represented to devise and implement each piece.


This is the first Sunrise/Sunset project, designed by ecoarttech in 2009.

Updated on April 24, 2023